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Posted by Nelson Zide on 10/9/2019

Buying a new home is a commitment. Not just to a mortgage but to the house itself, the neighborhood and your local community. And for many, this is part of what makes purchasing a new home so rewarding. To have a place to truly settle into and call their own. Part of that settling in includes crafting a timeless interior that will welcome you home for years to come.

But going about creating a timeless home can feel intimidating. Magazines and television shows focus on the trends and how to keep up with whatís current. Following these cues will only leave you with a home that will become quickly outdated.  

The key is to mix a variety of styles both old and new. Resist settling for one particular style for a home that seamlessly transcends the decades to come. And while you donít want to fully jump into any one trend, adding a few accent pieces will keep your home fresh and modern. Art, throw pillows, and small details are the perfect decor pieces to take advantage of trends with. Large investment pieces, however, are best kept neutral and in a style that has already proven itself to be classic.

Styles that earn the title of classic are usually simple with just one element that reflects the era of its inspiration. Think a couch with tufting but in a warm beige or a table with ornate millwork that boasts its natural wood coloring. Whereas a tufted couch in a print or ornate millwork painted a color from a trend that has come and gone will date the look of your whole room.

Neutral colors are best used for the majority of your color palette, leaving color for your accent pieces. That doesnít mean your home needs to lack depth, however. Choose different tones for your paint swatches and reach for a variety of textures when adding fabrics. Having a diverse range of tones and textures will add visual interest without depending on color to do the job.

Natural elements such as wood, stone, and glass also help to bring depth to your neutral color palette and maintain a timeless look. Wood flooring is well worth the cost in the long run both in terms of maintenance and style. An exposed brick wall makes a statement without becoming dated. A leather couch or armchair adds warmth and sophistication. While cotton, linen and wool textiles add natural texture to your furnishings.

Homebuyers often dream about the decades to come spent in their new homeís rooms. They want to spend time living lifeís moments to the fullest and not fussing over decor every ten years. Creating a timeless look for your home doesnít have to be difficult or expensive. Keeping to a neutral color palette and natural elements guarantee a classic home that you will love coming home to for years to come.  

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Posted by Nelson Zide on 2/20/2019

A beautiful vacation home that doesnít overstretch your budget is what everyone craves for during holidays. There is just nothing like it. However, you need some fantastic tips to find that perfect house that fits your family needs and budget:

Do the Research

Finding the perfect holiday house requires a lot of research, both online and offline. When using the internet, sort by budget, so you know what is possible on your budget. There are a plethora of travel blogs and websites out there where you can review and rate various vacation homes. These help you to get an idea which neighborhood has the most beautiful homes and which homes are available for you.

Get an inspector

Before you buy the house, it is advisable you hire a home inspector to examine the house for issues and the condition of its features. Most of these houses that look perfect on photos are nothing close to that in reality. A home inspector will find everything worth finding out about the house and give you a good idea of what it is worth. Make sure you inspect the house before making any payment.

New houses are the best

When looking for a vacation home to buy, try as much as you can to buy a new home. New houses require less maintenance than old or renovated ones. Opt for a new property because it comes with less hassle compared to an older property. A vacation home comes with its set of expenses so buying a new home in pristine condition is the best thing you can do to reduce running costs.

Rent before you purchase

One trick people use when trying to buy the best vacation home is to rent it at first. By doing so, they get to know the house, the faults and things that are lacking. If you are to do this, you wonít even require the service of a home inspector since you will have the first-hand experience. So, rent the house for a month at least, before you finally buy.

Tax implication

Finally, consider the tax implication before purchasing a vacation house. Donít assume you already know that based on your primary residence because the property tax might run higher than your first house. The tax rate in the area may be higher compared to where you live so be sure to check and calculate it ahead.

Buying a perfect vacation home that fits into your budget can be a daunting experience most times. With the above tips, you wonít be overwhelmed. Speak to a real estate agent to assist you with your vacation home search.

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